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Tuesday, 6 December 2011


updated on September, 2015
         The Bardhaman to Kolkata Bus Service introduced by South Bengal State Transport Corporation (SBSTC) has proved itself as the most convenient, affordable and above all hazard-free way to connect Bardhaman (formerly known as Burdwan) with Kolkata.

          Even few years ago the only swift way to reach Kolkata was the railways only; Bardhaman station is the most important junction next to Howrah. Barddhaman is situated on the very busy and important line that is joining the Howrah and New Delhi Railway stations. Thus there are so many express and super fast trains available to reach Howrah. Beside those trains Bardhaman also enjoys the facility of having local EMU trains which join Barddhaman and Howrah via two different railway tracks viz. Chord line(via Dankuni, 95 Km) and Main line(Via Bandel, 107 Km). The local fare is Rs.25, mail/express/intercity fare is Rs.45 and the superfast fare is Rs. 65.

          Instead of availability of such a plenty of trains, now-a-days people are avoiding the railway service only to avoid the rush and the hazards of Howrah Station. In the weekdays it becomes almost impossible to purchase a ticket from the ticket-counters in Howrah. Seat availability is also a matter of luck. The fare of SBSTC bus to Esplanade (also called Dharmatala) is Rs. 75(A.C. Rs. 170) and that is to Salt Lake(also called Korunamoyee) is Rs. 80. That may be quite higher than the train fare, but still it is affordable.
Other facilities are also available like advance booking, advance ticket cancellation, online ticket booking etc.

Recently by the orders of Burdwan Municipality, all the buses from 7:30 AM up to 8:30 PM will not be allowed to move through the city and hence, they ply through the NH2. Here the buses which go through the city has been marked bold.

While going through the city, buses start from Nawabhat bus stand(Uttara) from Burdwan and give stoppages at Golapbag, Burdwan Railway Station, Parker's Road, Kurzon Gate, Birhata-Pragati, Boro-Nilpur, Chinno-mosta, Police Line, DVC More, Alisha Bus Stand(Purbasa), Ullash.
While going through the NH2, buses start from Nawabhat bus stand(Uttara) from Burdwan and give stoppages at Rath tala, Tej Gaunge, Purta Bhwaban(Teli Pukur), Damodar Cold Storage, Alisha Bus Stand(Purbasa), Ullash.

The Time-table of those non-stop buses are as given bellow-

(Via Dankuni, Salap, Santragachi, Second Hoogly Bridge)
[All Bold Marked buses goes through Burdwan Town, rest via Bi-pass(NH2)]

Departure from Bardhaman: 04-50 AM, 05-15 AM, 05-45 AM, 06-00 AM(Only Monday), 06-15 AM, 06-40 AM, 06-50 AM(Only Monday), 07-00 AM, 07-10 AM(Only Monday), 07-25 AM, 07-35 AM(Only Monday), 07-45 AM, 08-05 AM(AC), 08-15 AM, 08-35 AM, 09-00 AM, 09-15 AM(AC), 09-30 AM, 09-45 AM, 10-00 AM, 10-30 AM, 11-00 AM, 11-30 AM, 12-00 PM, 12-15 PM(AC to Haldia Via Esplanade), 12-30 PM, 01-00 PM, 01-30 PM, 01-45 PM(AC to Kakdwip via Espanade), 2-00 PM, 2-30 PM, 3-00 PM(AC), 3-25 PM, 3-45 PM(AC), 4-10 PM, 4-30 PM, 5-00 PM, 5-30 PM, 6-00 PM, 6-45 PM

Departure from Esplanade: 05-30 AM, 06-00 AM, 06:30 AM, 07-15 AM(Panchgram Via BWN), 07-40 AM, 08-15 AM, 08-30 AM(Only Monday), 08-45 AM, 9-10 AM, 9-15 AM(AC), 9-20 AM((Only Monday), 09-30 AM, 09-45 AM, 10-00 AM(Only Monday), 10-15 AM, 10-30 AM(Only Monday), 10-45 AM, 11-00 AM(AC), 11-20 AM, 11-40 AM, 12-15 PM(AC), 12-30 PM, 01-00 PM, 01-15 PM, 01-30 PM, 02-00 PM, 02-30 PM, 03-00 PM, 03-30 PM, 04-00 PM, 04-30 PM, 04-45 PM, 05-00 PM, 05-30 PM, 06-00 PM(AC), 06-15 PM, 06-45 PM(AC), 07-10 PM, 07-30 PM, 08-00 PM, 08-30 PM.

Bardhaman-Salt lake: 
(Via Dankuni, Dhakineswar, Dunlop-Baranagar, Airport, Haldiram, Baguihati and Lake Town)
[All Bold Marked buses goes through Burdwan Town, rest via Bi-pass(NH2)]

Departure from Bardhaman: 05-50 AM, 06-25 AM, 06-50 AM, 07-00 AM(Only Monday), 07-10 AM, 07-15 AM(Only Monday), 07-20 AM, 07-30 AM, 08-00 AM, 08-30 AM, 09-00 AM, 09-30 AM, 10-15 AM, 11-30 AM, 12-30 PM, 01-00 PM, 01-30 PM, 02-10 PM, 03-10 PM, 04-10 PM, 04-45 PM, 05-30 PM, 06-30 PM.

Departure from Salt lake: 06-30 AM, 07-15 PM, 07-45 AM, 08-30 AM, 09-00 AM, 09-45 AM, 10-00 AM(Only Monday), 10-15 AM10-30 AM(Only Monday), 10-45 AM, 11-30 AM, 12-00 PM(Only Monday), 12-30 PM, 01-00 PM, 01-30 PM, 02-00 PM, 02-30 PM, 03-30 PM, 04-00 PM, 04-30 PM, 05-00 PM, 05-30 PM(Via New Town), 06-15 PM(Via New Town), 07-30 PM(Via New Town)

During Inauguration of Bardhaman-Kolkata
Duronto AC Bus Service
Seating arrangement in the Bus
(it varies with different buses)

The above information are given according to the information shared by SBSTC officials from their offices, Booking Counters and websites. For further additional information one may contact the following:

1) SBSTC Booking Counter @ Purbasa Bus Stand, Alisha, Bardhaman,
2) SBSTC Booking Counter @ Uttara Bus Stand, Nawab Hat, Bardhaman, 
3) SBSTC Booking Counter @ Esplanade, 3 No. Metro Gate, Rani Rashmoni, Kolkata,
4) SBSTC Booking Counter @ Karunamoyee, Karunamoyee, Salt Lake, Kolkata.
5) SBSTC Booking Counter @ Airport 1 No. Gate, Dum Dum, Kolkata,
6) SBSTC Booking Counter @ Dunlop Bridge, Baranagar Station, Dunlop

For Additional Information visit the website of SBSTC at :
For Online Ticket Booking visit the website of SBSTC at :

Time : Morning 5-30 AM to Evening 7-30 PM


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  2. Now Royal Express has started Volvo bus service.

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